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Young Greens host rally to abolish student debt

The Fredericton Young Greens hosted a Green Party rally to abolish student tuition and debt at St. Thomas University on Oct. 7.

The rally drew approximately 60 students and professors to the lower courtyard to hear remarks from federal Green Party candidate Mary Lou Babineau on the issue.

Babineau said Canadians believe that hard work and education is the key to achieving dreams, but financial struggles are holding students back.

“I have been watching, over the last 20 years, government funding plummet,” she said. “As tuition goes up, student debt also rises… we have an entire generation of young people who are graduating and have so much student debt that it’s very difficult for them to move ahead and to engage in the economic and social fabric of their society.”

Babineau told the crowd that the Green Party has a plan to make tuition free for all post-secondary students by 2020.

The rally also included speeches from Fredericton Young Greens president Adam Mahoney, president of the Fredericton District Labour Council Alex Bailey, president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers and STU professor Robin Vose; Fredericton South MLA David Coon, as well as multiple high school and university students.

Emily Smith, a local high school student who attended the rally, said she believes abolishing student debt is important, possible and effects society as a whole.

“I would say that if they abolish student debt that more people would go to school and there would be more doctors, more nurses, more positions,” she said. “I do think [the Greens] can make it happen because they don’t just care about students. They care about everybody.”

In her closing remarks, Babineau said she and the Green Party believe that everyone deserves to have access to education regardless of financial status or family history.

“Education is one of the great opportunities we have to equalize the playing field for everyone,” she said. “Do not be convinced that this is unreasonable. It is reasonable and it is possible and we can have something better for your generation and for your children.”

Originally written for a class at St. Thomas University.

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Aitken Centre hosts National Ringette League’s largest season opener

The Aitken University Centre acted as home ice for the Atlantic Attack on Oct. 3 as they took on Rive Sud Revolution for the National Ringette League’s largest season opener in history.

A crowd of approximately 600 people watched the Maritime girls beat Quebec’s team 9-2 at the A.U.C., a space with a capacity three times the size of any NRL previously seen.

The game started the league’s twelfth season of ringette, one that will see 15 teams from across the country battle it out for the NRL championship title.

General manager Hélène Beaulieu said it was a great honour for the Attack to host the season opener, especially after only being in the league for four years.

“We believe we were chosen because we have great support from our community and have a large fan base,” she said. “We also believe we have a great team that inspires young girls to achieve success.”

The game was free of charge thanks to the NRL’s partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s Fuelling Women Champions initiative, a program that supports women and girls reach their goals through sports.

“[Canada’s Dairy Farmers] were looking for a high profile event in Atlantic Canada,” said Frances Losier, the NRL’s high performance and events director. “Fredericton was identified as a key market for this event.”

In light of the win on Saturday, Beaulieu says those who watch the Atlantic Attack this year will be amazed.

“The most important message I want to share is that our team players have heart, courage and work hard,” she said. “We are very, very proud of them.”

Originally written for a class at St. Thomas University.